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Hotel workforce

People are every hotel’s wealth, whether customers or employees


 In the hospitality business – By: Marwan Ragheb

oyo boy dating history Brands are similar to monuments; hundreds or thousands of individuals contributed to one particular outcome. Nevertheless, frequently their input is just overlooked, and the result accredited to one single name. How often do we listen to statements like; “Napoleon built the Arch de Triomphe”, “Cheops built the great pyramid of Giza” or “Qin Chi Huang built the Great Wall of China”!!! Irrefutably, dedicated employee’s efforts and endeavors, built every existing hospitality brand and reputation. Although regularly hoteliers chart employee exalting slogans in their corporate policies and on their websites, nonetheless, every so often, they may consider their workforce indifferently as “cost” since arguably, the payroll, often represents the largest single expense on the hotel profit and loss statement.

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il ne veut pas qu'on se rencontre Hospitality is a conventional service trade; traditionally, hotels relied in essence on their workforce.  Progressively, they replaced the old-fashioned telephone operator with “direct dial,” the elevator attendant with a set of switches and, occasionally today, the receptionists with self-service stations or web check-in. Everyone agrees that the only steady component of life is change and that such evolution is common. However, hospitality jobs are often stressful, arduous and traditionally not the most fulfilling or distinguished. If also the work environment is not enjoyable and employees are handled merely as costs or tools by their principals, inevitably negative results will surface influenced by high turnover, poor commitment and inferior brand promise and service delivery. McDonalds, the world’s hamburger restaurants giant, made the above mistake and for a period, people largely used the expression “McDonald’s Job” to describe any ill paid, future-less and temporary employment. McDonalds struggled later to rectify this negative image.

site de rencontre fonctionnaires “Employees do not leave companies; they leave managers.” Louis Efron took up again this common expression in his article “SIX REASONS WHY YOUR BEST EMPLOYEES QUIT YOU” (  he listed the causes as;

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  1. No vision,
  2. No connection to the big picture,
  3. No empathy,
  4. No effective motivation,
  5. No future and, 
  6. No fun!!!  

querschnittslähmung partnersuche Efron also considerately quotes” The best workplaces give their employees a sense of purpose, help them feel they belong, and enables them to make a difference.” People excel at any task when they feel supported and genuinely valued. Google’s top ranking as “Best Place to Work” in “Fortune” magazine was rationally the result of their groundbreaking leadership and sound human resource practices which provided exceptional work environment.

site de rencontre amoureux gratuit en france Usually, all of the above listed points are logged in abundant and lavish corporate policy volumes and on the company intranet, however, it is practically the leadership at every level that shapes, implements and promotes the company face and values. Perhaps the choice of the suitable leaders that can organize adequate work environments at all levels, largely remain the one critical element of success or failure? What do you think??! see this Please, share your views through the following survey;